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Sled Dog Tours

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Where you go –

There are three main types of sled dog tours. Wheeled sled tours, where dogs pull a wheeled sled, glacier sled tours, where you fly up to a glacier to take a ride on the snow of the glacier, and winter tours. 

Wheeled tours are held throughout the state in the summer. The length of the tours vary widely, from just a short five minute ride, to rides that cover several miles. Glacier tours last up to two hours, much of which is involved in a helicopter flight up to and back from the glacier. Generally, guests will spend about 30 minutes on the sled traveling across the glacier. Winter tours can be just an hour or two, or last up to four or five days, with guests traveling from cabin to cabin, on a real winter adventure. Many guests also come to Alaska for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, the world-famous 1000 mile race from Anchorage to Nome. The race starts the first Saturday in March, and finishers arrive in Nome over the next two weeks. Packages are available to experience the Iditarod from start to finish.

What You See –

Wheeled sled tours generally include a kennel tour, where guests get an introduction to the sport, to see the dogs harnessed and hitched to the sled, and almost every kennel has puppies. Several tours are operated by world-class racing kennels, and the guides and drivers are veterans of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. On glacier sled dog tours, the dogs spend the summer at a camp on the glacier, so the guests get an abbreviated tour of the kennel camp. In addition, guests are limited by the amount of time they spend on the glacier. On the other hand, the views from the helicopter that ferries guests up to the glacier are spectacular, as is the view from the glacier itself. Winter tours are the most thorough tours available, where guests get the complete mushing experience. Some of the multi-day winter tours include trips through Denali National Park.

What You Eat –

Most dog sled tours are so short that snacks or meals are not included. On longer, winter tours, meals are included as a part of the package.

What You Bring –

Wheeled and glacier dog sled tour operator generally provide everything that you need for your tour. Many wheeled sled tours will operate in the rain, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for rain on your tour. A camera is a great idea, as a way to capture your experience.

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