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Where You Go

Kayak tours are available in a number of places around Alaska. The most popular are in Southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound, and Resurrection Bay. Trips range in length and difficulty, but there are plenty of options for guests of all experience levels.

What You See

The scenery will vary from location to location. Some tours focus on kayaking in areas that have a lot of glaciers, while others will be in areas of secluded islands and fjords.

Kayaking allows you to get to places that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise, and so you’ll see both land and sea mammals that you might not ordinarily get to see. Depending on the area you choose, you may see bears, deer and moose on land, and seals, sea otters, porpoises and whales in the water.

Bird life is usually very plentiful in areas where kayak tours operate. Bald eagles are numerous along the coastal areas of Alaska, and most guests will have an opportunity to see them. Marine and shorebirds of many varieties will also be seen, though the varieties and numbers will be location and season dependent.

Kayak tours near glaciers are most easily done in Prince William Sound, where several different tour operators have specific glacier paddling trips available. We are fortunate to partner with some of Alaska's foremost kayaking guides and outfitters, and this allows us to offer Alaska's best kayaking adventures.

What You Eat

Kayak tour operators often provide meals as a part of their trips. Half-day trips often end with a snack or a meal, while full day trips usually provide lunch. For your comfort, ask your travel consultant or tour operator so that you’re not caught without a meal.

What You Bring

Most guided trips include all of the kayaking equipment that you’ll need. However, they also provide packing lists for the personal items you should bring with you. Many of the items on these lists are common sense things, but some are not. Please consult these lists before heading down to meet your guides. Because tours are rarely cancelled for weather, you should plan for rain.

Quality, lightweight  rain gear is a very good idea, as well as layered sweaters and jackets underneath. Even though you might leave shore with sunny and warm weather, the water is cold, especially near glaciers. A light breeze can turn sunny and warm day very uncomfortable, if the breeze comes off a glacier or the water. Many guests will also want to bring a camera, though you will want to consider the possibility of your camera or other electronics getting wet, dunked, or lost. 

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