Privacy Policy:

Alaska Vacation Store respects the privacy of our clients. We do not sell our client lists to any third parties. We do not disclose information about our clients except in the following circumstances:

Reservations: Alaska Vacation Store will provide information to vendors about clients in order to facilitate booking their tour. The information will be limited to the information that the client provides for this purpose.

Other Cases: Alaska Vacation Store will not disclose information about clients to third parties, except as stated above. If clients wish to allow us to disclose information to friends or family members in order to facilitate contacting the clients, the client must provide a release to that effect.

Intellectual Property Policy: By asking Alaska Vacation Store to provide an itinerary to a potential client, the potential client agrees that the itinerary is expressly the property of Alaska Vacation Store. If the prospective client uses the itinerary or the information contained within, in total or in part, to book a tour directly with the vendors, or through another tour company or travel agent, the potential client agrees to pay Alaska Vacation Store a fee for the use of the itinerary amounting to the commissions vendors would pay to Alaska Vacation Store for the booking.

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