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Eco Tours

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Where you go

There are wonderful eco-tours available across the state. Anchorage offers guided bird watching, heli-hiking and fly-in wildlife viewing concessionaires. In addition, there are opportunities for bird watching, wildlife viewing, hiking and photography for guests that want to explore Anchorage and its environs on their own.

Denali National Park offers tremendous opportunities to see wildlife and see spectacular mountains, glaciers, river and tundra. Guests can choose to take guided tours or explore on their own. Great camping and backpacking opportunities exist in the park.

Some may choose to stay overnight at one of the lodges located within the park at Kantishna. Guests who want to experience the far north and arctic regions of the state can take any one of a number of tours to explore the Brooks Range, Gates of the Arctic National Park, and the arctic coast. On the Kenai Peninsula, there are numerous opportunities to explore Kenai Fjords National Park and Prince William Sound.  Most guests do this from a boat or a kayak. Just getting around in Southeast Alaska offers fantastic opportunities to see wildlife and the fantastic scenery of the inside passage. Photo safari opportunities abound just about anywhere you go.

Moose are common in most wooded areas across the state. Caribou travel in herds, and can be seen in areas at or above the tree line in a few areas of the state. Dall sheep occupy the high, rocky ridges of most mountain ranges in mainland Alaska. Wolves are especially elusive and have large ranges, so finding wolves is mostly a matter of luck.  Kayak and wildlife and glacier cruises offer opportunities to take in some of Alaska’s most spectacular scenery and wildlife. Whales frequent local waters at specific times of the year, and whale watch cruises are offered in a number of areas. Thousands of sea and shore birds can be seen in rookeries and on the water from these tours. Also, sea mammals such as sea otters, seals, porpoises and orcas are seen on these tours.

What You Bring –

Each tour will be different, and guests should consult with their travel consultant or tour host about the equipment provided on each tour. In almost every case, a camera is a great idea, to record the animals and scenery you encounter. However, some tours may not be conducive to having a camera or other electronics along, if the risk of damage is high.

Guests should always be aware of the weather and prepare for a variety of conditions. Most tours are not cancelled because of rain, and for your comfort and safety, raingear is a must. Select gear that will allow you to be outside and comfortable in significant rain for hours at a time. Be aware that winter-like conditions can occur on any day of the year, especially in the far north and above the tree line. Warm, sunny days are quickly transformed into wet, miserable and potentially dangerous situations.

When trekking in undeveloped areas, bring enough food and water for several multiples of your intended stay. Every year, independent hikers are delayed, injured or become lost on their hikes, and end up spending days out on their three hour hike. For more information on what to bring with you, check out our "What to Bring to Alaska" page.

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